UnCruise Adventures

Save up to $1,000 on 2020 Alaska Adventure Cruises

UnCruise defines adventure in Alaska.

Explore playgrounds that offer the richest, wildest connections by hike, paddle, and with locals. Places so tucked away that our cozy boats fit in just right. 7- to 14-night cruises; just 22-86 guests. Small ships, BIG adventures.

Flexibility: [flex•si•bil•i•tee] Within our routes we're ready to turn, pause, and seize opportunity. Linger for whale sprays and bow riding dolphins. 

Inclusive: [in•kloo•siv] Excursions, equipment, transfers, baggage handling, and, all food and beverages (alcohol too) are included in the fare. Truly no hidden costs. 

Yak-n-whack: [yak•n•wak] An UnCruise original, short for kayak and bushwhack. An active, hours-long, land and water excursion taking in the best of what Alaska has to offer. It's the height of un-ness.

How will you define adventure?


$1,000/couple ($600/person) savings on select 7-night cruises aboard the S.S. Legacy & Safari Endeavour; Commander cabins and above. Savings double on 14-night departures!

$500/couple ($250/person) savings on select 7-night cruises aboard Wilderness Discoverer and Wilderness Explorer; Trailblazer cabin and above. Savings double on 14-night departures!

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