Look for Wildlife

Spot the wildlife that calls Alaska’s Arctic home! From coast to tundra, Nome’s landscapes are home to a variety of animal species. Musk oxen and moose can often be seen in the willow thickets and brown bears roam nearby as well. In the winter, watch out for Arctic fox on the hunt for their next meal. Other critters visitors can spot include beavers, wolves and wolverines.

People might not think it, but many species of birds live in Nome throughout the summer and winter. Go out to the tundra to watch for rare curlews or look to the boreal forest for songbirds in the summer. In the winter, watch out for gyrfalcons and ptarmigans in the snow.

Don’t forget the marine life in Nome. Whales can be seen in ocean waters and salmon are often visible swimming up local streams when they leave the ocean to spawn.

See More Attractions

Far from big-city lights, the northern lights are visible in full force when they come out and skies are clear in Nome.


The area is rich with Inupiat culture; visit the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum to learn more.


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